Wash Your Hands (2015)

MUDFEST, August 22 (one night only)

A pandemic has broken out: the Smiler Virus is sweeping the globe. All known cases are being isolated in medical facilities as quickly as possible, and research has begun into the causes, symptoms, and finding a cure. That’s where you come in. You’ve been selected as part of an elite group of medical students to be admitted to the Melbourne Smiler Facility. You will study cases of the virus and participate in research towards a cure. You will observe proper hygiene at all times. You will NOT explore restricted areas. You will NOT ask difficult questions. You will NOT step outside your role in the facility… or will you?



Creator: David Harris

Writers: David Harris & Georgia Symons

Produced: Georgia Marett (Until Monstrous)

Production Manager: Clancy Moore

Designers: Liam Belman-Sharpe &

Stage Manager: Elinor Mills