Wayward Strand (2016-)

Video Game - Produced by Ghost Pattern

Release date TBC

Concept art by Matthew Dobrich

Concept art by Matthew Dobrich

Wayward Strand is a real-time story about a teenage girl who explores an airborne hospital and gets to know the patients within.

The girl’s name is Casey, and that’s her relaxing at one of her favourite lookouts, reading a book. At this moment in time, the airship in the distance is being converted into a mobile hospital; it will be operational in a few more months. After living with this floating shipwreck as a backdrop to her entire life and wondering what it’s like up there, Casey will be going up there for the first time - but not under ideal circumstances.

Her mum is the head nurse of the hospital, and she drags Casey along in order to help out for a few days. Not in the emergency ward or anything - she is a kid after all - her job is to go around to the patients in geriatric care, to check up on them, to keep them company and so forth. While she can slip away to poke around the abandoned areas of the airship itself, Casey realises that she can also explore the lives of the characters here, and that she even has the ability to affect them.

Lead Programmers/Developers: Jason Bakker & Russell Dilley

Art: Marigold Bartlett

Music: Maize Wallin

Writing: Georgia Symons, Jason Bakker & Russell Dilley