The Wheel of Fate (2016)

Presented with Uprising Youth Theatre and the Gertrude Street Projection Festival in installments around Melbourne

Dandenong Show: June 18

Werribee Show: July 1

Fitzroy Show - Gertrude Street Projection Festival: July 23-24

Uprising Youth Theatre brings performance and projection to the streets in an innovative new show that asks: What would you risk for your future?

The Wheel Of Fate is a new roving theatre performance that takes place on the set of a sinister game show. The Wheel of Fate offers contestants the chance to make their dreams come true - but competing in this game comes at a high cost. The show leads audience members on an adventure around Atherton Gardens and the surrounding area, and draws them into the web of strange forces controlling the game show and the lives of its contestants. 

Uprising Youth Theatre consists of a diverse group of local young people, aiming to dig deeper into the contradictions of cultural and political mechanics of where they live and how that influences who they are.

Presented in partnership with Yarra Youth Services and These are The Projects We Do Together as well as featuring the work of Yarra Youth’s Fashion and Textile design program.