Surprise Party with Jem and Dead Max (2017)

La Mama Courthouse

August 16-27, 2017

Fresh out of uni, Max has just died in a car crash. To celebrate, his good friend Jem invites him over for pasta, music, and a chance to chat about the good old days. As the stories flow, we travel with Jem and Max into their shared past – high school embarrassments and struggles; teenage nights that seemed to never end. But beneath all of their in-jokes and anecdotes, there's one story – one night – they never got a chance to talk about. Now, Max's death has forced Jem to tell her side of that story. You Can Tell Everybody But Me is playful on its surface, but mines the territory of painful secrets between friends, the "grey areas" of consent, and how to find closure on something you need to believe didn't happen.

Written by: Georgia Symons

Directed by: Iris Gaillard

Cast: Anna Kennedy, Christian Taylor

Producer: Fiona Dunne

Sound Design: Joshua Trappett

Lighting Design: Shane Grant

Production Design: Daniel Pedro Moulds

Production Management: Piper Huynh