Caliban (2016 & 2018)

Beckett Theatre, Coopers Malthouse & Regional venues

November 24-26, 2016; regional tour dates throughout early 2018

After the success of street performance #CalibanSt, the Edge Ensemble take to the Beckett stage at the Malthouse to tell the rest of Caliban's story...

In the not-so-distant future, Caliban has left his island because it is disappearing under rising sea levels. He washes ashore in Melbourne and begins searching for a new home. But although he has left his island behind him, his past is closer than he thinks. As temperatures and tensions rise to a fever-pitch, will Caliban be able to make peace with the horrors of his past?

Caliban is a dark comedy that combines slap-stick, audience interaction, fast and funny poetic dialogue, and strange and complex characters.


After their smash-hit season of Iago at the Malthouse Theatre, Caliban is the latest work from the Western Edge's Edge Ensemble, a group of emerging performance-makers from Melbourne's West.

2016 season

Cast: Achai Deng, Abraham Herasan, Piper Huynh, Natalie Lucic, Rexson Semsi-Pelman, Oti Willoughby

Director: Tariro Mavondo

Writer: Georgia Symons

Artistic Director & Dramaturg: Dave Kelman


2018 season

Cast: Natalie Lucic, Ror Akot, Piper Huynh, Ebony Maguire, Amarachi Okorom, Craig Gunguta

Director: Penny Harpham

Writer: Georgia Symons