Melbourne Knowledge Week "Future Hospital" event, Royal Melbourne Hospital

May 12, 11am-4pm


What’s the future of the doctor-patient relationship?

The future of medicine has so many exciting innovations in store. But amongst all these sensors, wearable devices and remote treatment options, what happens to personal relationships and the human act of caring? uCare is an immersive theatre experience by interactivity studio PlayReactive, which turns audience members into remote-control doctors and asks the question: is there room for humans in the future of medicine?

This event was part of Future Hospital. Check out the hospital before you check in – discuss robot pills and medical drones, play doctor in a guided theatre experience, or be part of a live experiment. Tour a hospital of the future to find out what health will look like in a world of virtual reality, 3D printing, remote care, precision medicine, and wearable medical devices.

Proudly Presented by City of Melbourne as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week

Created by PlayReactive

Creator: Georgia Symons

Scripts: Tom Lew

Production Manager: Jini Maxwell

Technician: Barnaby RW

Cast: Ben Sheen, Jalen Lyle-Holmes, Rohan Byrne, Youlin Koh, Josiah Lulham, Phil Roberts, Cariad Wallace, Ross Daniels