TurboDetective 3000: A Seaside Mystery (2015)

This is Not Art Festival, October 4, 2015

Future seasons TBA

An invaluable necklace has been stolen from a local woman's apartment. Thankfully, a new technology called TurboDetective can open up direct links with three-minute periods from the past in any location, giving precious insights into the mystery. Seven TurboDetective beacons have been placed around the city, revealing key scenes related to the incident. Now YOU must visit each location, learn what you can, then return to the TurboDetective head office and give your testimony to help solve the case. Unlock this mystery through an interactive experience on the streets of a city near you.

TurboDetective 3000 has been trialed and tested with great feedback at "This is Not Art" festival in Newcastle earlier this year. We're now planning on taking it to Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond! If you have the power to help us do this, please get in touch.

Created by Georgia Symons

Newcastle/Sydney Cast: Marianna Carr, Evin Donohoe, Rose Godde, Paul Musumeci, Dominica Nicholls, Pollyanna Nowicki, Lucy Watson