They Will Come Back 

Novel (in development)



Report of the Select Committee on Illegal Arrivals From the Future

A novel by Georgia Symons

It’s 2021, and Melbourne is crowded. Population growth was on the cards, but in the space of one hot week in January, the city seems to burst. When it comes to light that the new arrivals are time-travellers from a disaster-stricken future, border protection will no longer be able to be hidden behind barbed wire fences and out at sea. 

THEY WILL COME BACK is a novel in disguise, taking the form of a report from a senate select committee on these “illegal” arrivals. Through the legalese and bureaucratic jargon of this report, we catch glimpses of the realities of the situation: the desperation of the travellers, and the varied ways in which Australians respond to their arrival. 

By the time that time travel is available, it might be a means of escape, of survival. And not many people will gamble on going forward in time. They’ll want to come back to the last good year. How much will people risk to get here, and why won’t we believe them when they arrive?

This novel is currently in development. It was initially supported by Feminartsy as a short story commission. You can read the original short story here.

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