The Pump

Infiltrating everywhere with Jude Anderson, Matt Cornell, Jazmin Llana, Nordin Hassan, Morwenna Schenck & Jamie Lewis (& collaborators)



 A ‘SKINSHIP’ manifesto (by Jude Anderson)

We need to experience a deep dive into ‘Oneness’ with water to

  • dissolve our preconceptions of species superiority

  • dilute separatist and extremist thoughts

  • erode arrogant and wasteful water practices

We need to bathe together to collectively care about water and create a wellspring of waterworks.

Arts houses will become Bath Houses interpreting water practices. Like water we will be strategically fluid, soft, yielding, and elusive.

In being soft we will be strong.

We will penetrate the pores and substance of everything.

We will be creatures of rain, sea, fog, mist, snow, rivers, streams, lakes, flows, oceans, brooks, ice, marshes, dew, ponds, puddles...

We will be brimming, re-juvenated, persistent.

We know that truth is not always beautiful and that beautiful words are not always true which is why we consider ‘of what we are made’ (72% water) knowing that in every drop of water there is more energy than an average sized power station can produce.

In defunct power stations we will build Bath Houses and create a wellspring of waterworks because in the physical intimacy and proximity of water there is emotional intimacy and Skinship.