REMOTE (2017)

Agency of Coney, UK national tour

September 27 - November 19, 2017


Hello. We’re delighted you could join us. We’d like to recognise that; we’d like to say hello.

We are REMOTE. We are here to help you be more like people like you.

Imagine you’re in a theatre of the future, powered by an algorithm. REMOTE is an interactive live game interrogating the politics of choice and decision-making in an immaterial world, saturated with technology.

This is a piece of game-theatre that you play sitting down, and its entirely led by you, the audience. As well as just being yourselves, you are also, together, playing a character, and you’ll be asked to make choices for them.

Fusing an interactive script with a live and responsive sound design, REMOTE is a mechanical theatre game. It’s 2017, and we’re a room full of mostly strangers, imagining the future.

REMOTE toured the UK from 27 September to 19 November 2017

Script and interaction designer | Director – Tassos Stevens
Assistant Director | Additional scripting - Georgia Symons
Performers – Jess Latowicki & Naomi Stafford
Sound design and play – Kieran Lucas
Production Manager | Stage Manager – Adam Robertson