The Platform at La Mama Collaboration (2015)

La Mama, August 12-29, 2015

Come be a part of the exploration and re-imagining of every inch of La Mama. We’ll expose its

theatre space, its courtyard and forecourt, its upstairs, downstairs and alleyways, and exploit all of

its nooks and crannies.

Under the guidance of Adam Cass and Georgia Symons, twenty-three young and emerging artists

have collaborated to create an exhilarating collection of engaging, stimulating and exceptional site

specific performances.

Dress warmly. Wear comfy shoes. Bring an umbrella and your imagination.

Executive Producer: Rose Godde

Program Directors: Adam Cass, Georgia Symons

Assistant Manager, Company and Programs: Myf Clark

Photographer: Gemma Dawn -

Ensemble: Adrian Del Re, Alanah Parkin, Cassandra-Elli Yiannacou, Cera Maree Brown, Chris Hosking,

Danae Crawford, Dominic Weintraub, Ebony Beaton, Harley Hefford, Jalen Lyle-Holmes, Jai

Leeworthy, Jeni Bezuidenhout, Jonathan Walpole, Julia Hanna, Kate Weston, Laura Hartnell, Lucy

Pitt, Martin Hoggart, Melissa Davidson, Niamh Vlahakis, Sandra Chiu, Shannon Ly, Steph Cordell.