Lonely Company development: "The Greatest Love Story of All Time" (2016-)

Lonely Company is an initiative by playwrights and dramaturges Fleur Kilpatrick, Bridget Mackey, and Morgan Rose that helps playwrights develop the beginning of an idea into a full script.  They aim to create a space where writers feel supported in their work in what can sometimes be an alienating industry. 

The Greatest Love Story of All Time is a mash-up of every Rom Com ever.

Drowning in a sea of pop-culture romance, one couple try to separate their own story from all of the stories written for them. When the Hollywood script is peeled back, what remains doesn't look anything like love.

This is a piece for two performers, twenty televisions and surround sound. Circus meets Hugh Grant meets killjoy feminism, to the tune of the freshest chart hits.

The Greatest Love Story of All Time is looking for collaborators and development opportunities for the future. If you're interested, please contact Georgia.