In the Dark (2015-16)

Metanoia Theatre's Live Works Season, May 10-17 2015 (Development Showing)

Currently in development

What can an evening of worshipping a Mantis Shrimp tell you about your own relationship to faith? Find out at In the Dark, a playful live experience about how each of us interact with a world full of as many different belief systems as there are people on the planet.

In the Dark is an interactive and immersive live experience for up to 24 players. The work has been developed with the help of Metanoia Theatre in 2015, and we're hoping to present it in all its glory somewhere in 2016. Watch this space...

"a memorable foray into a cult's murky waters. Oddball fun is ample..." - The Age

"...something much more real is going on here. Of course, there’s a parodic element throughout, but this just makes participating more fun, more of a game – until it isn’t, and then there’s something more to be learned, something more to be understood." - Red Magpie


Creator: Georgia Symons

Director: Iris Gaillard

Cast: Sonja Bishopp, Patrick Considine, Ruby Hughes, Timothy Phillips, Christian Taylor

Production Designer: Ellie Kent

Sound Designer: Jess Keeffe

Written by: Georgia Symons & Ensemble

Supported by: Creative Partnerships Australia, Metanoia Theatre, APHIDS.