How to Break Into Someone Else's Universe (2015-16)

Arena Theatre Company (Development - Inside 130 Residency), September 21 - October 1, 2015

Further seasons TBA

Fox is 16. She lives in an apartment building with her Mum, and she knows who lives behind every door in the building… except one. A woman called “Mrs Crabtree” is supposed to live in the top-floor apartment, but Fox has never seen her. She never goes in or out of her apartment, never gets any mail, but she’s definitely in there - Fox has heard strange noises in the night. Obviously, there’s only one thing this could mean - Mrs Crabtree’s apartment is not an apartment at all - it’s a portal to another universe… Right? Well, only one way to find out!

Part obstacle course, part puzzle room and part performance, this new live experience for 10-15 year olds proves that magic isn’t just for little kids.

Developed at Arena Theatre Company with Laura Hartnell, Kim Ho, Jalen Lyle-Holmes and Georgia Symons

With thanks to David Harris, Harry Lee, the folks at Arena, and to our wonderful testers: Byron, Lilly, Erin, Sophia, Katha and Likha