Gl ry (2014)

AIDS 2014 Conference, City Square, 20-25 July 2014

GL RY is a research-led project looking at HIV and AIDS in performance and takes place as part of the cultural program for the International AIDS Conference 2014.

The GL RY pilot in City Square hosted durational performance, video work, storytelling, information, intimate one-on-one encounters, conversation and impromptu cabaret spectaculars. The project takes the idea of the hole as metaphor for transmission and transformation: what histories, secrets, stigma, information, art, affects might slip through a small hole?

Director/Curator: Alyson Campbell

Dramaturgy/Production: Iris Gaillard, Cathy Hunt, Georgia Symons

Contributors: Iris Gaillard, Ross Anderson, Paul Woodward, Dagmara Gieysztor, Chris Wenn, Richard Whitehouse, Will McBride, Kylie Supski, Penny Harpham, Tim Phillips, Anna Kennedy, Patrick Considine, Ryan Forbes, Simone French, Tom Halls, Jolan Price, Rebekah Robertson, Sebastian Robinson, James Welsby, Travis Cox, Jay Early, Dosh Luckwell, Eloise Kent