City of Melbourne: Smart City Office, Knowledge Programming

This is my day job.

MKW hub.jpg

I’m currently working as the program coordinator for the Knowledge Programming team in City of Melbourne’s Smart City Office.

Most people’s first question is “what does that mean?”

City of Melbourne’s Smart City Office is a hub of data specialists, service designers, researchers and doers, committed to joining the global Smart City movement in a way that helps make our city more accessible, inclusive, playful and sustainable.

I work in the Knowledge Programming team, and it’s our role to foster public conversation and engagement in what a Smart City looks like to all Melburnians. We host year-round events, including the Melbourne Conversations program, Raising the Bar Melbourne, and our flagship event, Melbourne Knowledge Week. Together with an amazing team, I’m responsible for programming and delivering these events.

If you have specific questions about City of Melbourne’s Knowledge Programming and Smart City Approach, you can learn more here, or email me at georgia dot symons at